St. Wendreda's

March Cambridgeshire

Sunday Services
A big thank you to all 15 who joined us this morning for a time of worship.
It was good to see your smiling faces, or at least to hear you. Praise God for technology!
 Yes, there were some technical issues. It seems we need to ask everyone to turn their microphones off while someone is speaking/ praying/singing to avoid excess noise.
The recording of our last hymn was priceless!
John Gowing has kindly agreed to look at the recording and hopefully it will go on the website for anyone to access.
If you know of someone who would like to join us, please ask them to email me and I'll add them to the group.
Apparently we can have up to 100 participants for the meeting. I just need to stop looking at the moving (circling) smiling faces while speaking.
If this situation continues, we might even get good at this!
Jesus is the light of the world. I think we're invited to light a candle in our windows at 7pm this evening as a sign of hope.🕯
God bless you all. Stay safe,
Love Barbara