St. Wendreda's

March Cambridgeshire

Missionary Support

Currently St. Wendreda’s support the following six missionary societies, both financially and prayerfully:

Barnabas Fund - Supporting Persecuted Christians

Church Missionary Society - Bible Translator Tim Curtis in Paraguay

The Leprosy Mission - Jannine Ebenso – Global Disability Advisor

Mission Aviation Fellowship - Engineer Ben Sibthorpe and family in Australia

New Foundations - Local Healthcare provision to people in the Niger Delta run by a March–based GP and his wife

Armenian Ministries - Provision of Relief materials to people in poverty in Armenia run by a family based in Lincolnshire and Armenia

Parish Location

Situated to the south of the Town the Parish has an old settlement area around the Church known as Town End, which contains some of the oldest dwellings both in the Town and Parish. Most of the parishioners live in the predominantly urban housing area around the Church (over 2500 dwellings) made up of a mixture of small, medium and large developments dating from the 1960’s to early 2000’s.

The Northern boundary skirts the Town Centre including Burrowmoor Road from number 100. To the South and West it is largely a rural area of arable and mixed farming, the Southern boundary encloses Mill Hill Garage. Crossing the Railway to the East of the Town is again a rural area, with its boundary along Upwell Road to White Gates Farm. Land is mainly planted with arable crops.

The Church Building and Church Hall

St. Wendreda’s church building is a grade 1 listed building of great historical interest. The original church was founded by Anglo-Saxon princess Wendreda, a healer, in the 7th Century. Parts of the present building date back to 11th, 13th 15th and 19th century and the medieval double hammer beam angel roof is world famous, attracting many visitors throughout the year. It is a light airy building, seating 300 people comfortably and has a recently completed under-floor heating system and new floor. Other recent work was carried out to restore the South Parapet, this was done with the aid of a Heritage Lottery Fund Grant. Consequently, the latest Quinquennial report (2017) has not revealed any major outstanding work.

The church hall was completely rebuilt, being rededicated in 2006 and is a very good, modern facility with several meeting rooms, a well-equipped kitchen and toilet facilities. As well as being used for church events the hall is hired out to the wider community.

Our Finances

As a parish we have paid our Parish Share for three of the last five years. Replacing the heating and floor have meant that our finances have been stretched, but we are aiming to meet the parish share this year. Ten percent of our income is given to the Missionary Societies we support.