St. Wendreda's

March Cambridgeshire

Vision and Mission for our Church

We are a Bible-based Christ-centred fellowship with a strong, historically Evangelical background. We concur with the Basis of Faith as stated by our patron , the Church Pastoral Aid Society We also agree with the additional declarations of the Church of England Evangelical Council's basis of faith with regard to same sex marriage. In consultation with the congregation, over 80% wish to affirm that Christian marriage is between a man and a woman.

There is a loving, welcoming group of people at St. Wendreda’s, who are pastorally minded, whilst also looking out to the needs of the local community. We have a real desire to spread the Good News of Jesus to our neighbours, as well as supporting those believers who already attend. Our worship life is warm and informal, and we want to become more and more a part of our community so that people see the church as relevant to them rather than just another old historical building. We acknowledge that, as beautiful as the building is, it can present a barrier for many non-churchgoers. Despite opening our doors for occasional offices to many families over the years, few have returned to worship regularly. So we need to create new accessible ways into our shared life and worship.

We celebrate the fact that our members are involved in all aspects of community life and are encouraged that we have people in key roles in healthcare, education, local government, March Foodbank, March Christian Bookshop, Christians against Poverty and many other organisations where their Christian faith can be lived out. We support the Churches Together in March, working alongside Christians of different denominations.

There is a secondary school next door to the church where we have had warm relations in the past, and we would like to begin to make the most of that opportunity for outreach once again.