St. Wendreda's

March Cambridgeshire


Armenian Ministries is a Christian charity which seeks to help people within
the country of Armenia.  Their aims are to make known the Word of God and
provide physical  help and assistance to the poor and needy.  In practical
terms, these aims are carried out through distribution of Bibles, Bible
teaching, children's camps and humanitarian aid projects.


Barnabas Fund provide much information concerning their work, via their website, and you can request email updates for prayer information.

Whilst we would not be linked with a specific project or person, we would be able to help in giving to this important work, whilst supporting our brothers and sisters in prayer.
I strongly recommend that we all look at the website for more information and get behind Barnabas Fund, as some are already doing.



CMS are a community of people who have been set free to follow God's call in
mission.  Thousands of people from all walks of life are part of CMS - praying,
learning and acting together in pursuit of that call.  Currently, there are CMS
people in 40 countries across Africa, Asia, South America, the Middle East,
Europe and the UK.  St Wendreda's has partnered with Tim Curtis, who lives and
works in the Chaco, Paraguay.  He has focused on Bible translation work for
more than 25 years.


Leprosy is a mildly infectious disease easily cured by a multi-drug treatment
regime.  It is a disease of poverty and ignorance and TLM work hard to change
that.  In March we collect stamps and donations in collection boxes.


Mission pilots flying small aircraft to remote and inaccessible communities
with necessary supplies, taking sick people to hospital or safety.  Working in
partnership with other Christian and relief organisations in many countries.
We as a church support a family in Australia, Ben is a Chief Engineer and
together with his staff are responsible for keeping the planes maintained.


New Foundations is a March based Christian Medical Mission operating in the Niger Delta providing medical care to isolated communities.We run five clinics, training and employing local people as Health Workers. We have no paid staff in the UK and all monies go the programs. We train local workers from ten communities using innovative e-learning training.

Around 6000 patients are treated in our clinics annualy. Acute trauma,infections,malaria, TB, pneumonia and diahorroeal illness being the main problems seen. Public Health(vaccination,malaria control)and education (good birthing practice,breastfeeding,nutrition)remain the core work of the team and their efforts has seen a radical reduction in chidhood mortality.

We use Health Care to demonstrate the love of Christ and actively proclaim the Gospel.