St. Wendreda's

March Cambridgeshire

Our New Minister

We gathered together as a fellowship, in prayer and discussion, to seek the way forward. We should like to see a minister appointed who, first and foremost, has a personal relationship with God, knowing Jesus as their Saviour and who is equipped by the Holy Spirit for their ministry. As an evangelical church, we seek a minister who shares the same priorities of faith as expressed in the CPAS basis of faith; principally an acceptance of the whole Word of God as being inspired by God and our ultimate reference and guide. We are looking for a leader who can:

♦ help us grow in faith and develop our mission within local community and beyond, having an ability to communicate the love of Jesus to the people of the town, and to encourage us to share our faith;

♦ preach from Scripture with faithfulness, integrity, warmth and power;

♦ with a relaxed leadership style, help us grasp a new vision to grow and move forward;

♦ create entry-points for mission into the Neale-Wade Academy and mobilise the congregation to capitalise on them;

♦ lead us in welcoming, lively, informal worship and help us sustain our online presence;

♦ draw us into the wider ministry of the team and help us make our own valuable contribution, whilst balancing and handling competing expectations;

♦ continue to build and develop our lay preaching and ministry teams and grow new leaders within our congregation;

♦ help us to care for one another.