St. Wendreda's

March Cambridgeshire

Our Church Community

Our main service of worship is led by a Worship Band and there is also a church organ that is used within some main services and for occasional offices. There are many other services throughout the year at Christmas, such as a Christingle service, carol service and midnight communion on Christmas Eve, and at Easter, with a Maundy Thursday agape meal and a dawn service on Easter Day.

There are currently 56 on the electoral roll at April 2020. The 8am Traditional Said Communion service attendance averages at 4; for the Informal Worship at 11am, the average number attending weekly in 2019 was made up of about 40-50 adults from a wide age range as well as 14 young people, (the number of children attending has increased since 2017) - we have four Sunday school teachers. Many of our congregation do not live in the parish but live throughout the town and a number travel from the surrounding villages.

Wen’s Wrigglers for toddlers and their carers is held in the Church Hall on Friday mornings which is run by members of St. Wendreda’s, as are Brownie and Rainbow groups who meet weekly. There is also a Friday evening youth club for the local community, led by our youth ALM (we were prepared to support the Higher mission to secondary schools this autumn, pre-Covid). There are two evening house groups and two morning house groups that meet weekly for Bible study and fellowship and an early morning prayer meeting is held on Thursdays. The Bell ringers are a growing team who practice weekly, call us to worship regularly and whose services are much in demand for weddings.

There is one LLM currently in post and one ALM for youth ministry. Confirmation classes are arranged, normally on an annual basis, for those wishing to be confirmed and are now being arranged on a Team basis. We welcome children for Baptism (services normally take place after the main Sunday morning service), and couples for marriage - our Clergy have been willing to conduct marriages of people who have previously been divorced. We conduct funerals in church and at the Crematorium. In 2019 at St. Wendreda’s there were 2 Baptisms, 5 Weddings, 10 Funerals in church and 7 at the Crematorium.

Pastoral care is offered through the housegroup network and by a range of people in the fellowship; we have a pastoral care committee, headed by our soon-to-be-licensed Pastoral Care ALM, who visit and support fellowship members and their families at times of need and our LLM offers Home Communion to those requesting it. There is a Parish Prayer Diary and Prayer Chain for urgent prayer requests and a weekly notice sheet provides information for those attending and those not able to attend church, who receive it via friends from the fellowship.

  • The Team Rector takes assemblies in the Primary school within the parish (Cavalry), and at Burrowmore and the All Saints Academy (Anglican and Roman Catholic foundation) with lie in St Peter’s and St John’s. Pre covid all these schools have visited on or more of our churches and met with regular members to discover what happens in an Anglican Church and for special events.
  • The Neale-Wade Academy (Secondary school) also welcomed a previous Team Vicar into the academy, weekly, as part of the pastoral care team and he was involved with the RE department.
  • School concerts and services have been held in our church over the years.
  • Coffee mornings are held monthly, except in the winter months. Local people enjoy meeting together and funds are put towards items needed in the Hall or Church.
  • Meals at a local restaurant, quizzes at the March Cricket Club, monthly sausage and mash meals and Social evenings in the hall provide opportunities for members to invite friends/family to meet with the church family.
  • The Church Tower is open twice a year to raise awareness of what happens in St. Wendreda’s, as well as funds, and attracts people from far and wide. (One of these occasions is the annual church fair, held on the green in front of the church.)
  • A recently formed Christian Book Club ( has recently been formed and) meets in local coffee shops and homes.