St. Wendreda's

March Cambridgeshire

Dear Brothers & Sisters

We are always told that the church is not the building but the body of Christ that make up the congregation.
At times like this when church buildings are closed we are to pull together, and that is really happening at St Wendreda's.

Times are different and more challenging - there is always the opportunity to study the bible and many of us have scriptures notes.

Our house groups are communicating in different ways, Jim Doe is telephoning his two house group members weekly.

 Barbara has whatApp on her phone and her group keep in touch sending encouraging message to each other etc. to keep in touch with her Tuesday morning group.

Martin and Rosemary meet on line to bring the housegroup together on a Tuesday evening, by phone and whatsAapp.

Jean Cave has kindly said she will contact  members of the fellowship who she will ring each week.

Several other are regularly phoning and keeping in touch with other members of the congregation.

On a Sunday morning at 11am we have our service which can be accessed via computer an app called Zoom

Barbara kindly sends an invitation by email to people so they can connect and join in the Sunday Service.

If you know anyone in the congregation who is not in a group and has a problem e.g. shopping for food,

collecting a prescription or buying nappies, or just needs to have someone to listen to them etc.

Please contact one of the wardens.

We may not be able to sort the problem ourselves but we definitely know somebody who can!

Francis on 07496 800939  Rosemary 07884 400151

At the beginning we said it was challenging times, this no surprise to God what is happening, and we need to keep close to Him 

He is Faithful and He knows that we are fearful, He has everything in His Hands and He has each one of you in His Hands as well.

We are coming into the time of Easter when Jesus died and Rose again the Risen Christ, let us fix our eyes on Jesus, as Easter is all about Him.

Bless each one of you until we can meet together.

In Christ

Francis & Rosemary